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Fée is a fast-paced, strategy game, in which you must save the defenseless little creatures of Planet Fée. At your disposal, you have magical meteorites to crush enemies in a small area, and deadly Root Towers that will shoot evil slimy creatures on sight. 

This little fairies don't know much about defending themselves, so it's on you to assure that all (or at least one of them) survive until the mysterious slime-like creatures give up their attack... 

Be ready to upgrade your arsenal! These enemies won´t give up their attack easily! Can you protect the inhabitants of this planet until then?

Includes features such as:

  • Blast away your enemies by raining magical meteors from outer space!
  • Summon  Root Towers to automatically dispose of annoying slimes!
  • Defend your allies which will move throught the level!
  • Find mystical gems all around this beautiful world!
  • Enhance the power of all your weapons!
  • Complete multiple challenges to win lots of precious gems!

Install instructions

To play the game, just download and extract the rar file wherever you want. Open the extracted folder and open Fee.exe to begin playing, enjoy!


Fee v1.0.rar 101 MB

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